Welcoming, inviting professional studio is located in a residential neighborhood on 39 Richmondville Ave Westport, CT (2 minutes from downtown, 2 minutes from the Merritt Parkway).  Class size is limited to 8 people to maintain individual attention and safety in a fun and dynamic environment.


My personal focus is on teaching Mindfulness Movement in an optimal way for our society -- thorough exploration of what works for myself & others. I am honored and committed to work with a small group of like-hearted individuals who are interested in the essence of these practices .  

Monday          3:30 - 4:45
Wednesday  12:30 - 1:30 
Thursday       3:30 - 4:45   
*Please sign-up to reserve your spot.  
60 minutes - $110
75 Minutes -  $140 
Private sessions
Yoga Group Classes

Hatha Yoga/ Iyengar Inspired

Emphasizing embodiment, relaxation, proprioception, alignment, breath, mindfulness, correct biomechanics combined with asymmetric work to balance the muscles and nervous system.  This technique results in a calmer mind, carried by a healthier and more erect spine and a sense of being present in the body throughout your life.  


Drop in - $24
10 Class Card - $220
Monthly membership: ​
  • Twice a week - $144 
  • Unlimited - $190 

Movement - a session that includes  different modalities such as Yoga Pilates, Qigong, Primal.

Therapeutic - a session that focuses on releasing and reconditioning the movement system.


About Me

"Personally, it has always been about self discovery. 

I feel humbled and blessed for the people that support me on this journey"


I practice and share Mindfulness Movement. My personal transformation ignites and fuels my passion for this practice. The first methodology I studied was yoga. Before I started practicing, I was driven by completely different desires, mainly fear. I also suffered from chronic pain, after injuring my body during military service in the Israeli Army. Mentally & emotionally I was disengaged and in many ways disembodied.


The practice of yoga and meditation healed me. In addition, it helped me to accept many experiences/traumas.  It allowed me to re-engage with life, and return to a place of pure joy I hadn’t experienced since childhood.


Since then I studied many forms of yoga and other movement modalities such as Pilates, Qigong, and Primal Movement. I’ve become something of a movement nerd, who sees a complete relationship between the way we move and the way we think and feel - and I’m always curiously watching how bodies move. Transformation is key for me in all of these practices - their power to transform, and the way they’ve transformed me. Sharing this power of transformation is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I think of Meditation and Movement as medicine.


I’ve had the honor of sharing this medicine with a wide array of people. I teach groups and hold one-on-one sessions, and have special training working with people who suffer from arthritis and kids with ADHD. I also work in the New Haven Education System bringing mindfulness practices into schools and I’m on the faculty of Inwelligent Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training.


  • Iyengar & therapeutic yoga and Ayurveda - Sharat Arora

  • Iyengar Yoga - Usha Devi

  • Jivamukti Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga – Keshava Das

  • Dharma Yoga – Dharma Mittra

  • Yoga philosophy - Swami Prabhushananda

  • Yin Yoga – Joe Barnett


  • Vinyassa Krama – Srivatsa Ramaswami

  • Restorative Yoga – Jillian Pransky

  • Yoga for Arthritis – Stefanie Moonaz

  • Yoga for Kids - Radiant Child Yoga

  • Pilates 

  • Biomechanics - Katy Bowman

  • Qi Gong - Solala Towler, Li Jungeng

"Working with Matan has been like a total mind, body and spirit immersion into mindfulness practices. Matan embodies the essence of a natural teacher, a gifted practitioner, and professional trainer. There is something very special about his ability to be in your presence for a very short time and yet able to key into your unique physical needs. He then translates his observations, (be it posture, how one shifts their weight or curls their shoulders to more subtle observations of strained eyes or cold hands) into recommendations. Matan is able to articulate the transformation that happens when we become mindful of our body and our mind. Matan has the wisdom and ability to see each individual as unique and capable of living a more present and full life. Matan's gift of teaching others is beautiful to watch. He quickly gains trust and rapport with those in his classes. There is something magical about his ability to motivate and to set a tone that is comfortable, happy, and joyful.In his presence you will feel his groundedness. In his presence you will feel his attention. In his presence he will teach you how to be fully present.I am grateful to know Matan and I am blessed to be a recipient of his guidance, wisdom,and generosity."

– Maureen Bransfield, Principal New Horizons High School, New Haven, CT


"Matan is a wonderful Yoga instructor whose classes have the perfect mix of physical poses, breathing and meditation. My biweekly yoga classes with him has greatly helped me manage the discomfort from osteoarthritis of the spine. The extreme cold from this past winter was difficult for me but his classes helped increase flexibility and lessen the pain. I always feel refresh, energized, peaceful and balanced after taking his classes. Yoga with Matan makes me feel better both physically and mentally."

 – Fay, Wilton CT

I have been "with" Matan for over two years now. I say "with" because his magic as a teacher is to not make me feel like a student. Rather I am "with" him on a journey. I never know where that journey will lead, but it's always someplace good. I practice all over the world. but always return to Matan as he intuitively knows how to all at once integrate, and consolidate what I have learned away from home. Whether you are a beginner just exploring movement, or an advanced practitioner looking to fine tune, look no further than Matan.

John, Wilton, CT

Matan defies categorization. Yes, he is a superb yoga teacher. He is so much more than that however. Yoga is but a small component of Matan’s holistic approach to health, mindfulness and well being, and it is this approach which spoke to me in the first place. Suffering from chronic pain syndrome, I was greatly surprised and heartened by Matan’s gentle yet powerful presence. He didn’t try to fit my condition into a prescribed series of exercises. Instead, and with sensitivity, he adapted exercise, movement and guided meditation to my unique situation, and what I needed at that very moment. Matan’s attitude is unusually refreshing, and I always feel a renewed sense of well-being when I depart. Don’t let Matan’s youthful appearance fool you – he is wise beyond his years, but does not boast. Rather, I find him to be completely authentic and transparent, qualities that serve anyone who works (and plays) with him. He never judges, and I have found that you get from Matan what you are willing to take away. I am fortunate to have him in my life.

– Alex Reznikoff, Wilton CT

"I have experienced 3 meditation classes with Matan all unlike any other I’ve ever tried (and I have tried many). The classes I’ve taken previously have made me feel as though I was a “bad meditator”. Matan spoke before each different type of meditation and then again after, helping us gain a deeper understanding of the practice and of ourselves. He is a gifted teacher with a deep spiritual side, yet he is very personable and even funny during the classes. I look forward to taking many more classes with him!" – Loryn Galardi, Wilton CT

"When I met Usha Devi in Rishikesh, India in 2003 I was practicing daily for months and I really thought I knew something about yoga.  She told me that for the first 7 years I will be a beginner.  More than 14 years later I feel humble enough to admit that I will always stay a beginner -

I have no idea what advanced means."

"Matan defies categorization. Yes, he is a superb yoga teacher. However, he is so much more than that"


"Matan embodies the essence of a natural teacher, a gifted practitioner, and professional trainer"


"he has the wisdom and ability to see each individual as unique and capable of living a more present and full life."


"his magic as a teacher is to not make me feel like a student. Rather I am "with" him on a journey."



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